House of Habib Head Office Building

The design brief stressed on the need for an iconic building that would embody the group’s core values and a place which would consolidate different businesses operated by the House of Habib group within a single environment.

The plot is located in the central business district of Karachi and lies at a corner location with road access from 2 sides and neighboring properties on the remaining 2 sides.

Our primary goal was to keep the office floor plan as flexible and unobstructed as possible while maintaining a bold urban presence.

The core is located on the north side, facing the rear residential property. This allowed us to open maximum views out to Shahra e Faisal with the help of glazing on the front and the sides.

The facade was developed in response to the solar movement and the client’s requirement of having a fully glazed facade. This synergy resulted in a shading system which helps mitigate heat gain in summers without compromising the views of the occupants. These shading devices are supported by an exoskeleton frame which sits at 2.5 feet from the face of glazing.


  • Karachi, Pakistan


  • 2017


  • Ongoing

Built Area

  • 140,000 Sqft