Bar B.Q Tonight

Dining under the tree in a social gathering that celebrates arrival of
the spring is a tradition which inspires the architect to create a space
where food and design come together in harmony. This concept
hopes to capture a symbolic place for the locals to gather and dine
under one big tree and for the owner to nurture the business
echoing the growth of a tree. This was the main concept behind the
design of the restaurant.
Outdoor elements evolve into a stylish fine dining under this lit up
chunky structure of blonde wood. Timber profiles create the
branches of the tree, transforming the restaurant into a place of
nature. Lighting is concealed behind the louvers and filters through
rhythmically. The wooden feature wall creates a sense of movement
with undulating pattern of waves that guides the light through.
Juxtaposition of the timber with modern finishes of the interior
complements the dark botanical garden wall mural to the design
emulating comfort and tranquility to the space.


  • Lahore, Pakistan


  • 2016


  • Built

Built Area

  • 2,700,000 sqft