We are committed to making places that are vibrant and vital and designing and developing buildings which understand and compliment their surroundings.

Ali Arshad Associates wants to set an example by creating designs that go beyond the average and satisfactory to set new standards. AAA Architecture combines the talents of its principals in a unique background of art, history, and knowledge of technical systems. As we collaborate with our clients, we synthesize our years of education, practice, and creativity with our clients’ originality, budget, and enthusiasm. It’s our task to find innovative and practical solutions for the most unique design problems.

As our working relationships depend on trust and open communication, we look forward to developing longstanding relationships with our clients and consultants.

We’re known for our commitment and our meticulous attention to detail. We add value to every project we undertake by designing versatile spaces.

Ali Arshad Associates seeks to push the envelope of current understandings. We do not think that the designers should be fearful of experimenting and taking calculated risks during the early stages of design process. Without exploring such lateral thinking, our designers will fail to investigate all possible solutions to be able to arrive at the best possible solution.

We believe that the initial stages of the creative process should not be hurried. We promote a thoroughness of research and development to ensure the design concept is focused and informed combined with an imaginative flair. This is what sets Ali Arshad Associates apart. We make sure that the design is the best that can be.


Integrated Way of Working

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Yellow Block Building

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Solna Subway Station

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Our New Office Unveiled

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