Residence – AN

The architect’s impression of this house has been beautifully realized in this residence, skilfully marrying contemporary design with traditional aesthetics.

Transparency is the keyword: all spaces are in total harmony with the light pouring in throughout the day. Indirect illumination at night accentuates the spaces with ethereal reflections and shadows while the magnificent view of the creek adds to the allure.

One of the main challenges of the site involved the creation of private outdoor areas (including the pool on the first floor) with a strong visual and functional connection to the interior, while maintaining privacy from the surrounding areas. The quiet, private master suite on the upper floor provides a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of the house and visually connects to the creek directly through the poolside.

The interior features, contrasting materials and surprising details blend interior and exterior spaces.

A dramatic double neight entrance and a glass floor bridge allows light from a linear skylight to illuminate the foyer below.

The house runs entirely on solar power and natural materials are integrated with water and light so that every detail helps to emphasize the space and offer an innovative design model.


  • Karachi, Pakistan


  • 2016


  • Built

Built Area

  • 19,000 Sqft