70 Riviera

Where style meets luxury; this project was developed with great insight and diligence. Giving unparalleled attention to architectural details. Consisting of elaborate duplex apartments, single apartments and penthouses with luxurious amenities, a 7-storey parking lot and high security facilities; 70 Riviera offer you an ideal home for you and your family.

The glass facades of this building allow you to experience the scenic views of the city by day and at night. This helps you witness the ever-changing landscape and the rapidly developing skyline of the city. The beautiful scenes can now be viewed from the comfort of your own home, providing you with peace of mind and relaxation. The living space begins from ninety feet above ground level, leading to breathtaking views from the very first level.


  • Lahore, Pakistan


  • 2016


  • Built

Built Area

  • 2,700,000 sqft